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  • Right, so, I've started looking at creating an SMF 2.0 converter. It's pretty much done, but there's a few things that I need to check with @bentael if he's willing to assist. 👼 I know you were working on one, but I know you were busy, so I've tried to help out as much as I can by working out the grunt of the table names and other such things.

    So here goes, things I'm having issues with, when I run the exporter from SMF, all of the posts come up with the falsy error. It only normalises 24,000ish of 28,000ish. I believe most of the missing posts are those of deleted user accounts (not bothered, they were balls anyway) but I'm also missing topics. cid_valid: true uid_valid:false (possibly the same issue of deleted user accounts) which means topic IDs don't exactly match, going to for example 1670 brings up two different topics depending on what platform I'm on.

    The git is here if you are happy to look, or anyone else with a few more braincells than me... 😆

  • Great work @a_5mith . I have my previous smf 2.0.7's database. If this converter is ready, will I be able to merge it ?

  • @meetdilip It's not ready yet, no. Few things I need to do. Merging is also something I'm not sure about, as you already have an existing forum, existing post IDs would possibly clash. So if you did merge, you would probably lose the beginning portion of your old forum. Depending on how many posts and topics you already have. I will run some tests though and mention you when it's done.

  • Oh, ok. Thanks for the update.

  • @a_5mith great work man, sorry I've been crazy busy lately, but i would love to help out now that you got heavy lifting done 😛

    is this the same db you sent me that you're testing against? if so, can you send it again please, I changed PCs and lost my downloads.

    I will try to get to it this week

  • @bentael of course I can buddy, will email it to you now, for the most part the table names seem right, I'm currently looking at the replace functions for the quotes, but any help would be great. 👍

  • Can't wait to see 35hz on NodeBB 😄

  • I am testing out ur exporter right now, it looks awesome.
    @a_5mith when is a good time to chat? I am not sure I understand your problem.

  • @bentael I'm available now if you are.

  • @a_5mith good work mate, turns out the bug was originated in the ubb importer but never actually surfaced till I updated the importer plugin few weeks ago..


    • fix for admin's post not getting imported in this PR.
    • also use the latest nodebb-plugin-import v0.1.4 to get more fancy bbcode support (details also mentioned in the PR thread) - the latest importer plugin also allows the topics and posts to be created even if there isn't a uid, however NodeBB 0.4.2 is throwing an error when creating topics with no uid, so you might need to wait till I update the importer's support to NodeBB 0.5.0 once it's released (discussion here)
    • I will push more PRs tonight for the other exporters I know of (phpBB, vbexporter, ubb) to patch and reference them back here

    hope this helps

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