@a_5mith good work mate, turns out the bug was originated in the ubb importer but never actually surfaced till I updated the importer plugin few weeks ago..


fix for admin's post not getting imported in this PR. https://github.com/a5mith/nodebb-plugin-import-smf/pull/1 also use the latest nodebb-plugin-import v0.1.4 to get more fancy bbcode support (details also mentioned in the PR thread) - the latest importer plugin also allows the topics and posts to be created even if there isn't a uid, however NodeBB 0.4.2 is throwing an error when creating topics with no uid, so you might need to wait till I update the importer's support to NodeBB 0.5.0 once it's released (discussion here) I will push more PRs tonight for the other exporters I know of (phpBB, vbexporter, ubb) to patch and reference them back here

hope this helps

akhoury created this issue in a5mith/nodebb-plugin-import-smf closed fix for the admin's post not getting imported #1