• Almost all of my spam users originate in Russia, and most have ".ru" email accounts. Is there a way to block them?

    I'd rather not use recaptcha because some people hate it, so it would be great to enable a question+answer, like "What is lebron's last name?".

  • I would most probably go with IP blockade. The idea is that to include directives inside Nginx/Apache to stave off traffics from Russia. It is a quite messy workaround, if you ask me.

  • NodeBB Admin

    @zenkamal enabling captcha with spam-be-gone seems to help. Give that a try.

  • 90% of the spam originated from China, Nigeria, and Russia from what I've analyzed over the past 4 months. I just used GeoIP country block in my nginx. A little extreme, but it works and I will use this last measure until I feel the system is good enough to handle the spam. Somehow with the spam-be-gone they still got through with the registrations somehow.

    EDIT: Wait, just seen the captcha when I logged out from NodeBB. 👍 Will be using that then.

  • I feel bad that my forum isn't popular enough to be targeted by spam bots 😞

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