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  • @mventures if you have a tech guy who recommended OVH, why don't you use that resource for your tech support needs?

    At the end of the day, being able to provide on-demand tech support (especially one who knows the ins-and-outs of your specific software stack) is expensive.

    That's why VPS can be cheaper because the infrastructure is maintained at scale, but you handle the software.

    Also, I should say, 10 hours is ridiculously good for a ticket response.

  • Hey @phenomlab,
    Thank you so much for the explanation! It's making sense now. I am totally new to VPS and I suppose I was slightly stressed I couldn't get it all sorted before the weekend. A fresh day today and feeling better 🙂

  • Hey @julian,

    Yes, I trust my tech person 100% and will go with whatever he chooses. Last evening, I think I was a bit fed up (and panicked too) trying to get a small thing sorted, lack of info, login issues, etc, that in my haste I came over to this forum and asked for advice for a different VPS. But I am feeling better now because of all the replies & education received above.

    Looking at the positive side of things - if I didn't come here, I wouldn't have met you all and now I have an opportunity to learn a thing or two about VPS!

    10 hours TAT: Wow! Didn't realize it was a good turn-around time. I was hoping for a few minutes! Very high expectations! Like I said before I have been spoiled by the other vendors!

  • @mventures i m using hetzner provider since 2 years. i do not have any problem with my 2 years experiences.

  • @julian said in Good VPS hosting recommendations wanted:

    if you have a tech guy who recommended OVH, why don't you use that resource for your tech support needs

    He is. Me 😄

  • @cagatay Thank you for that suggestion! I will check it out for knowledge's sake and perhaps give them a try also if I launch another forum. For now, I have settled on OVH.

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  • Hey, How are you doing?
    I'm a Freelancer and because of my clients, I have worked with many hosting providers. but none of them amazed me like this provider:
    VPS Dime . This is not spam or something for real they are amazing, usually, I get answers to my tickets in 15 minutes only. They are helpful and have never seen my service or server go down for almost now a year. I have my server running on that host and also 4 others for my clients.

    This plan is not bad for a stater actually: VPS Plan 6, I'm using this plan for my website as well.

    best regards 😉

  • @cagatay I have 30 dedicate servers hosted on Hetzner, the only problem we had in the past 2 years is sometime the attached Disk disappears and gets disconnected or sometimes we lose connection. In those cases, we had always to contact support and ask them to reboot our server because we couldn't even do that on our side.

  • @mventures Hetzner do not have APAC locations, so this will not be an option for you. OVH does, which is why it was chosen.

  • @Freelancer please refrain from posting affiliate links unless you preface them in-post saying as such. Thank you.

    I have removed the links in your post for now.

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