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    Drafts @baris

    It's far too easy to mistakenly delete a draft when clicking the drop icon... wtf!

    So either:

    • relocate the X to the right or
    • add in "Do you want to delete draft?" warning break

    Plus extra or and/or at some point:

    Create a dedicated page for a user "All drafts", much the same as "all notifications" works.

  • Added a confirm to discard drafts 👍

  • @baris Great work but, I assume it's not in live because I have repeated my earlier repoted error on the double, while testing it out to see if it was live.I deleted not one but two drafts this time!

    First the test draft and then a real draft!

    Padding this out more, but it's less urgent, here is the sequence that still exists that caused me to discover above:

    1. draft icons display notification stat
    2. click on draft icon to see drafts
    3. pop out box opens but it is empty
    4. message displays "you have no drafts"
    5. then x time later, drafts populates

    I think once draft load then they are always there, the above appears only to be on page load - first load sequence.

    In the infinite space between moment 4 & 5, my super fast brain fired the signal to click the draft icon again, but once that signal converted to a real world mouse click the preview had loaded and my pointer was over a draft post X that was not there a ms previous and I shot the sheriff and his deputy, doh! - hope that makes sense.

  • Drafts are loaded from localStorage not sure why it is taking time to load for you. There are no network requests there.

  • Ok @baris forgot to add, I'm on the vagaries of mobile (cell) bandwidth so I get slow mo experience on and off, get's tripped on the kinks, so it's kind of useful here. 😉

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