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    There are two competing settings is there not:

    What an Admin specifies as home page (site wide) What a user specifies as home page

    With respect to my user experience here:

    admin: /categories
    user: /recents

    The Home icon button and categories button are no longer doing the same thing.

    Thus my suggestion to add in a dedicated HOME button (with bells and whistles) to carrying out the same duty as the brand/anchor and give it more features.

    Another why is because again the harmony theme brand/anchor get's disappeared too fast and the user loses their home button based on their preference, btw I've only looked up the element name in inspector, so maybe anchors my point better! ⚓

    Anchor / Home button... we're almost there! ⚓

    This nav has needed more rigorous consideration, and so this topic! 🛫

    The navigation experience has IMHO moved in a more positive direction.

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    Ok @baris forgot to add, I'm on the vagaries of mobile (cell) bandwidth so I get slow mo experience on and off, get's tripped on the kinks, so it's kind of useful here. 😉