A light re-shuffling of categories...

NodeBB Development
  • I guess it's spring cleaning time, since I've shuffled around a couple of categories in this forum.

    1. It was confusing what Announcements was really for, and how it fit in with the NodeBB Development category, or the NodeBB Blog category.

      • Topics in Announcements have now been moved into either one or the other category, and the category itself has been disabled
      • NodeBB developers will be making short "dev diary" style posts in NodeBB Development, instead.
      • Regular digests of dev diaries will be blogged on an ad-hoc basis (we'll try monthly!), and then cross-posted to the NodeBB Blog category
    2. We got rid of some of the foreign language support forums as they were inactive, and moved Tutorials under Technical Support.

      • Tutorials and Developer FAQ work in-tandem. The former will contain topics about how to use/tweak NodeBB as an admin, and the latter will contain technical topics about how to extend NodeBB via plugins.
      • Specifically, I found that @baris was spending quite some time helping others on this forum with bespoke custom code, and it seemed to be a waste to not collect them someplace 😄

    I am toying with the idea of moving the top-level plugins and themes categories under "NodeBB Development", thoughts?

  • It has certainly improves the first impression of categories page.

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