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    This is the community forum for NodeBB, the node.js based forum software. It's not meant to be for general node.js questions.

    You're free to ask here but you're unlikely to get an answer.

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    @julian thanks for your reply.

    The reason why I inject Apollo as a middleware is because of the server integrate document on Apollo website shows that we can use the apollo-server-express package to integrate GraphQL with existing Express server by adding following code:

    server.applyMiddleware({ app }); // app is from an existing express app

    Does router will be the express app to be passed to plugins? Because I solved this problem by passing router into .applyMiddleware() method as following changes:

    const router = params.router; apolloServer.applyMiddleware({ app: router, path: '/api/mygraphql', });

    Now, the GraphQL works fine on my NodeBB server ! Hope this can help someone who run into the same problem like me. Although it looks like GraphQL is not popular in NodeBB community 🤔.

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    There are a few methodology issue I have here right now. The biggest being that the upload hook fires before a post is posted. This means files that aren't uploaded ( edited out after uploading ) with the post get stored.

    I need to sort out how to move this to the post hook and process that instead. Learning curve and all.

    For the moment, this works well enough for the other work I need so I'll be more focused that way for a bit, but I expect to come back to this for enhancement shortly.

    If you have requests/feature ideas Add it to the issue tracker on bitbucket.

    abquintic / nodebb-plugin-fileownership / issues — Bitbucket



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    Thanks, that should do the trick! 🙂

    Gonna post my cronjob as soon as it's ready. Can take a few days, because of christmas.

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    @a_5mith This plugin in great! But I couldn't find this in the Download Plugin page? How to bring it back?