• hi all!
    I run nodebb version 2.5.3 in tor network.

    Let me first express huge thanks for creating such great forum engine and the plugins!

    I have some problems and issues running some of the plugins.
    like 2 factor authentication in tor browser i see the links and buttons for two factor authentication in user profile, but when i click on one of them nothings happens, its not working for me in tor browser.

    Calendar plugin , there some issue with a tor browser, because i see the icon in first topic (during creation of the topic) but when i click it nothing happens.

    Then the plugin for anti spam: nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone , here when i save the config data it doesn't get to database, when go to other settings and then back, the previously saved data is not loaded and the plugin doesn't generate any capture.

    Those 3 plugins are very important to me and i am willing to pay money to those devs to fix the bugs and make those plugins fully operational in tor network.

    If your interested just send me a pm!

  • Have you enabled JavaScript in your Tor browser? When you attempt those actions, please open the developer tools and look in the console for any errors. Also, are you accessing the site as a hidden service or just through a normal domain?

  • @PitaJ Java Script is enabled, no errors generated
    Yes i running it as hidden service no normal domain.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    It almost sounds like you've installed the plugins but not run ./nodebb build, or if you did, then maybe there were some errors that stopped execution, so the files were not built properly.

    Can you run ./nodebb build again and show us the full log?

  • @NikolaiPatrushev are you absolutely certain that JS is enabled? I've found that TOR browser is finicky in that regard. It's very unlikely that JS would be enabled, but you wouldn't see any errors when things are non functional.

  • Yes i double checked it. i running the latest stable version 2.5.7

  • Does the single page functionality work? Are there any failing network requests?

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