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    So, I'm well aware of the current points plugin that exists, but sad to find out that it doesn't include a points store where you can add items for people on your forum to buy with their points. After doing some research through old topics it seems forum gamification used to be a really big priority around nodeBB but that seems to have died off. 😞 Does anyone know of any points/points store systems similar to what they have currently on myBB?

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    @giggiux Nope

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    Those hooks weren't working the way they were meant to, that's why they are deprecated. If you need to do a one time operation when the plugin is installed. Just set a flag in the database stating that the operation is done so it is not repeated on every restart of NodeBB.

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    I want to change email message. I want to add my custom message. How I do that also I want to edit notif_chat.tpl file. I want add user profile image into chat email notification. How I do that?

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    @Jenkler said:

    when to use ./ and when not to?

    To answer your earlier inquiry... in general it should be safe to use both. When paths are passed in plugin configs, we run them through path.join to remove relative relations and double slashes, etc. In all cases (exceptions are bugs), the path should be relative from the plugin directory itself.