Iframely API is over the free limit

Unsolved Technical Support
  • Hi Cagatay,
    Team Iframely here. You use our platform for rich media embeds.
    Our meters show that you've reached 1158 hits your current month. The "Developer" limit was 1000 hits, and our endpoints will start rejecting your requests tomorrow.
    Please upgrade to a paid plan to keep using Iframely:
    If someone else takes care of billing in your organization, you can forward them this direct private link where they can enter a credit card and subscribe on your behalf: https://iframely.com/plans/<censored>.
    Iframely remains available for you until tomorrow. Please take action now.

    Do we have to pay extra for iframely, which is integrated with nodebb?

  • @cagatay you probably shouldn't have shared that private link with us, so I've censored it for you.

    Are you a customer of NodeBB's hosted offering, or are you self-hosting NodeBB?

    Iframely integrates with NodeBB through the plugin, but as far as I know, they do not have a relationship allowing NodeBB users or customers to use Iframely for free.

  • @PitaJ yes i m self hosting NodeBB.
    Thank you for info.

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