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    @omega I like to use the ookla CLI speedtest as it gives you the least "fluff" in between to cause issues, so in my mind, it gives the clearest picture.

    Running a nice graphical speedtest on a Raspberry Pi caused the speedtest results to actually drop because the Pi spent all of its time rendering the graphics πŸ˜†

    Also, don't forget the time npm discovered that they could speed up the actual running of their npm install command by something like 2-3 times, by not rendering the spinner on the console on every tick πŸ˜›

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    @omega The main excuse the telecom companies use here is that Canada is not densely populated, so it costs a lot of money to string telephone and coaxial (and now fiber) across great distances to reach everyone.

    Nevermind the fact that:

    1. Many rural Canadians don't actually have access to broadband except via satellite, so these telecoms aren't actually connecting those customers, and
    2. The cost of laying down infrastructure is already heavily subsidized by the government

    So what exactly am I paying so much for πŸ€” one wonders.

    There are some success stories, though! Thunder Bay, Canada, a city of about 120k, has a municipal broadband service that is quite affordable πŸ™‚ (we have 2x the number but no municipal broadband)

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    50Euros/per month with Amazon Prime and netflix SD include πŸ˜‰ Add 3euros for Netflix HD

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    Ya' gets what yer' gouged fer' .... if'n yer' lucky!!!


    In this instance, looks like I was. Sad days for the Internet in North America, eh? 😒

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    @DownPW 😡 that is all.

  • we are flying in turkey πŸ™‚


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    Yep that all πŸ˜‰
    In France with the operator named "Free"

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    @DownPW Why is it called "Free"? Shouldn't it be called "LibrΓ©" πŸ˜„

    Working out of a coworking space today...



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    My first coaxial broadband was 0.5 Mbps, that was a real improvement over dial up hands down.

    A few years later and a differing location, connection available offered a base that gave real world 6Mbps but ADSL, and around that mark web surfing really did feel instant and responsive, that's about 10 years ago.

    Since then browsers have gotten more bloated, OS's too and the average web page layered with all kinds of elements, the rise of streaming and gaming add in the need for VPN's these days, is it actually overkill for basic web, yes it is and that's why I don't really need 1Gbps.

    Meanwhile, I got a generic mailer for 1Gbps offer today for 50 euro bucks a month (switch over offer), other offers range around 60-70 eurobucks a month, 500 Mbps, around 30-45 eurobucks, all on fibre.

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    @omega said in How fast is your broadband?:

    Of course, back on topic, even using VPN I'm getting 190 D : 19 U today, but it's summer and it's quiet everywhere right?

    My BB has halved since this test, I can't get past 60Mbps D/L at the moment, but the latency and pin rate went to pot, which IMHO is worse. 😞

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