Unsolved How to stop Welcome email in nodebb?

  • Hi, I'm trying to use a 3rd party service to send emails on user onboarding. I want to know how can i stop the welcome mails that are being sent from nodebb.

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    IIRC a welcome email would be sent after a positive verify email - so do you really want to stop that?

    It could cause problems and confusion for user registering.

    I would consider that a positive core registration feedback verification for the end user - assuming I have the sequence correct

    You can edit the email templates in admin - might that bridge the issue for you temporarily?

    You will find these options here:


    You can for example disable the digest email, but I don't see anything for the other email.

    I wonder if it was left blank might that stop it?

    @julian & co might confirm. Not exactly the answer you were looking for but I hope it helps somewhat.

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    @omega unfortunately if you blank it out then NodeBB will just try to send an empty email 🫤

    I'll look into a toggle for the welcome email.


    julianlam created this issue in NodeBB/NodeBB

    closed Ability to disable welcome email #10691

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    As @baris has replied in that issue, this is already a feature in the ACP. 👍

    It sounds like you are looking to disable the "welcome" email, but preserve the existing email confirmation emails, yes?

    In that case, you'll have to wait until v2.2.0, at which point you can use a plugin to change the template for the welcome email back to verify-email.

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