How to know who deleted the post?

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    @julian Please add this function

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    Hi! @PitaJ thank you for the quick reply.
    I understand that an absolute URL have the protocol, but most of the normal users, at least in our forums, don't know what that is, some use it just because the copied from the browser, but sometimes a user doesn't add it, and having that links as relative URL returns a 404, causing a bad experience.
    Some CMS have a sanity check like Django and WordPress if you add a link inside a WordPress, they check if it's another domain and adds the protocol, so the user doesn't have to add it.
    I think it's a good measure to prevent bad user experience.

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    I just managed to make a quick hack which achieves the effect that I wanted. I added the following to the Custom Javascript tab in ACP:

    function showreplies() { $('li[component="post"]').has('a[component="post/parent"]').addClass('hidden'); $('[component="post/replies/open"]').click(); } function noreply(event, data){ if(data.posts.length==1 && data.posts[0].toPid) { // this is a reply to some post var el = $('li[data-pid="'+data.posts[0].pid+'"]'); // newly added post if(el.parent('div[component="post/replies"]').length===0){ // added as a standalone post el.addClass('hidden'); } } $('div[component="post/replies"]').find('a[component="post/reply"], a[component="post/quote"]').addClass('hidden'); } $(window).on('action:ajaxify.end', showreplies); $(window).on('action:posts.loaded', noreply);

    The first line in function showreplies hides those posts which are replies to previous posts, and the second line opens up the replies below the relevant posts. (@baris This was my attempt before I read your answer. Thanks for the pointer to the code! I will try that out).

    I added the handler for action:posts.loaded in order to

    Eliminate Reply and Quote buttons for the replies in order not to generate higher levels of nesting (this is ok for me) After adding a reply to a post, by default it is also added at the end - in order to avoid that I set it to hidden. This does not work so well as the page gets scrolled to the top after that.. - I am not quite sure how to fix it. If I figure it out I'll make an update..
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    I am digging up that thread as I would probably need such feature for admin purposes.


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    Does anyone know how I'd go about doing this on the home page in the category list? I'm not much of a fan of the recent posts.

    I've tried using <!-- IF @first --> to get the last updated post/topic but it still shows them all.

    Thanks, Ben.

    Edit, the following code shows first for each post, meaning @first isn't working for some reason (Opened up an issue😞

    <!-- BEGIN posts --> <!-- IF @first --> first <!-- ENDIF @first --> <!-- END posts -->