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  • SQLite Integration

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    In case anybody is ever interested in this again, I think I could prepare it in 2 weeks up to 1 month, for 6 LTC. Just let me know.

  • Postgresql Integration

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    Hi @Ben-Lubar .
    No matter what I do, I can't bring up the converted forum generated by nodebb-postgres-converter.
    Honestly I am not sure what to do next... Any idea what I should check?

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    @julian @a_5mith

    I'm a hack on my good days but I'll give it a whirl as soon as I wrap my head around plugins in general.

    I have a small stack of plugins we need for our feature set anyway. 🙂

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    Shouldn't this request be directed to Taptalk Inc? They seem to charge both the app user and the forum maintainer for "pro" features.

    As this is an open source project, they're free to provide a NodeBB taptalk plugin and earn more money 😉

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    @Giorgio-Chiodi said:

    We noticed that using the browser's notifications has its limit, since they only work when the app is open on the mobile device. Which kind of beats having the notifications altogether.

    This is where pushbullet itself would come in. Currently talking to someone at pushbullet over this, but it's lower priority at the moment, as it is not on our immediate roadmap.