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  • we reply to replies right, but when i click the replies link to uncollapse i only see the first layer of replies, what if i could see the replies of the replies of the replies and so on... what would that look like?

  • @John-1 kind of like reddit but instead you can collapse at each layer. i have not seen anyone other than reddit do this, if only reddit wasnt so slow and like i said allowed collapsing the replies at each layer so you can keep things organized and focused.

  • @John-1 the way it currently functions is fine but why do i need to see a reply a second time in the thread, the first time was when i expanded the reply by clicking on it and the second time when i found it in the thread. i would rather only see it once. i think reddit comes closest to how our brains work. im surprised something hasnt come out already satisfying this niche

    i could be wrong but redundancy is not a good thing in terms of workflow efficiency. i mean if the second time i saw the reply it was an iteration of the original that would be cool, i know a radical idea, just brainstorming out loud

  • @John-1 it would be a true thread, closer to the literal meaning of the word. i wonder if a fork is in order

  • @John-1 Thanks for your thoughts.

    We discussed this approach many many times over the years, but it comes down to a matter of technical limitation. We designed NodeBB from the start to be linear in format, and so in order to support a threaded model, that would require a significant rework of how we manage the pids in a topic.

    That's not to say that it would never happen, but at currently, we feel the approach of exposing one layer of direct replies to be a sufficient workaround.

    Keep in mind if we supported both linear and threaded formats, it would essentially double the code and quadruple the complexity. That in and of itself is a reason not to do it 😄

  • @John-1

    Answer: Chaos

  • @julian i think the way reddit works is less chaotic for the user, a perfectly orderly thread without reading the same thing over and over. if only reddit was as fast and reliable as nodebb. you should make a baby.

  • @John-1 i know users can ignore threading and reply to something on the same layer instead of using the sublayer to reply. who cares its related to the original post. as long as we have the option to thread all the way down it takes load off the higher layers even if not completely, it at least attempts to keep things organized. i plan on pursuing such a project but its nodebb's speed and stability making me want to use it as a base

  • @John-1 reddit didnt do it right anyway, when you collapse a reply its only supposed to collapse the subreplies underneath it but it also closes the parent message. im surprised no one has fixed that by now

  • @John-1 i need to learn csharp and javascript

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