How to stop the posting process in a client side script

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    Thanks, that works perfectly. I'm handling the hook in my custom theme, but this probably needs to be in the plugin as well (without the importedVotes)

    library.setTopicVotes = async function(hookData) { const topicData = await topics.getTopicFields(, ['cid', 'importedVotes']); const importedVotes = topicData.importedVotes || 0 const voteData = await db.getSortedSetRangeByScoreWithScores(`tid:${}:posts:votes`, 0, -1, 1, '+inf'); let allvotes = voteData.reduce((acc, cur) => acc + cur.score, 0); allvotes = allvotes + importedVotes await db.sortedSetAdd(`cid:${topicData.cid}:tids:votes`, allvotes, }
  • How to stop Welcome email in nodebb?

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    As @baris has replied in that issue, this is already a feature in the ACP. 👍

    It sounds like you are looking to disable the "welcome" email, but preserve the existing email confirmation emails, yes?

    In that case, you'll have to wait until v2.2.0, at which point you can use a plugin to change the template for the welcome email back to verify-email.

  • How to post in chat room using API

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    Hi there,

    I'm working on a script that interact with NodeBB using API. I need to create a new chat room between 2 users and post content in it. In the API documentation, there's some data concerning "Accessing a chat room" and "Getting a chat room", but in write api there's nothing at all.

    Is it currently impossible to post content in the chat room from the api?

    I'm using NodeBB v1.17.0.
    Api key created in admin panel. No problem to read chat room but writing failed.

    { "status": { "code": "not-found", "message": "Invalid API call" }, "response": {} }
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    @phenomlab unfortunately true, as the amount of work involved in getting the exporter working is not trivial at all.

    Whether we built it from scratch or updated the existing exporter (which was built against a very old version of Flarum), the cost would still be the same.

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    Wasn't lwip used in 0.7.x/0.8.x?