Confusion about "privileges" configurations

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  • Sorry in advance if this will sound like an ignorant question...

    Maybe this is 100% clear for everyone else 😄 but I am usually having some confusion when I try to change a configuration of the "privileges"... Since I have seen this Github issue by julian, I wanted to ask here... To me, some options are a little bit confusing, so an explanation next to the panel or longer explanations below the panel would be helpful.

    What exactly is this "admin privilege" panel?

    Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.40.47 PM.png

    I do not really understand what we are picking on this panel? For example, what are "categories" or "users"?

    Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.43.07 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.43.21 PM.png

    On another panel, there is "posting privileges", but there is "Edit Posts"... Is this editing your own post? or another one's post? I would assume this is only your own post, but I cannot find this option under "moderation privileges" and additionally "moderate" option is not available to click under "moderation privileges"...

    Additionally "view edit history" option is also confusing for me, is restoring your own post's version "editing post?" or is this related to "view edit history"? Because I want users to see and restore the version of their own post, however, I do not want them to see the version history of other people's posts. But, when I uncheck "view edit history", a user cannot edit their own post's history anymore...

    Moreover, obviously "upvote" and "downvote" posts are for someone else's posts only, not your own post...

    So, on the same panel "view edit history" option is both related to someone else's post and your own post, and "edit post" option is related to your own post only, and "upvote/downvote post" is related to someone else's post only? Therefore, when I change an option, I am trying all the options with test users to see I did not make any unwanted changes and did not give any privileges I did not want to. I hope I was able to explain my confusion...I believe these panels could have more explanatory info or full sentences for each option.

    However, if everything is very clear to everyone else 😄 then, I am taking the blame and will continue testing each time I change a privilege setting 😄


  • The admin privileges selects what groups and users are allowed to access and configure certain things in the ACP.

    For instance, allowing someone the Categories privilege gives them the ability to modify, add, and remove categories in the ACP.

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