Why hosted NodeBB is so expensive?

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    There would be many more customers, would NodeBB hosting be cheaper.

  • @macfan 3,49 eur for per/mo is expensive or what is the comprasion of what you call expensive?

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    @macfan NodeBB software itself is free, and you can host if on your own for free.

    The hosted option, you're paying for hosting in addition to our expertise in installation, setup, and support/maintenance, as well as direct access to our support team.

    Unfortunately I cannot speak to our specific pricing, though it is comparable to other competitors in the forum space (Vanilla, Discourse, etc.) 😄

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    @macfan I would posit a few reasons:

    1. The requisite expertise to do things right requires knowledgeable care and feeding.
    2. Acquiring said knowledge requires a substantial investment of time and energy.
    3. Ditto monitoring, maintenance, customer support, and all the other things that go into hosting anything well.
    4. Said investments take time away from other things, among which include earning income from other means.
    5. Life is expensive. People need to eat, feed their families, etc. NodeBB staff are no exception.

    NodeBB itself, is free. Real Free and Open Source Software, a.k.a. "ROSS", and not some crippled, dual licensed bullshit that has become all to common in the "FOSS" sector over the past decade or two. Hence, you are able to self host the real deal for the price of a fairly minimally provisioned virtual machine at your provider of choice. If you lack the requisite knowledge to do so, then you have a choice before you: Either invest the time to learn such knowledge and skills or pay somebody else who has. NodeBB has pretty darn good documentation and exemplary community support here from both the larger community and NodeBB staff.

    Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.... In summary, I am reminded of one of the key Laws of Ecology: "There is no such thing as a free lunch."

    Good luck! 🐕

  • @cagatay where do you see 3,49/mo?

    Price tag starts from $250

  • @macfan I think @cagatay is referring to cheap hosting so you can host NodeBB yourself (obviously not managed)

  • @macfan provider hetzner


  • @macfan We host it ourselves, but our AWS bill is about what we'd pay to host it here for the entry level and our activity it between level 1 and 2 options. That also doesn't include the considerable amount of time I spend testing, maintaining and keeping things running.

    Paid hosting isn't for everyone, but it's a lot of work to do it yourself.

  • @jminer said in Why hosted NodeBB is so expensive?:

    it's a lot of work to do it yourself.

    I completely understand and agree 🙂

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    @macfan ...so expensive compared to what?

    Summary of the price entry points:

    FREE - On your time, on your dime - light & heat, food to eat

    Free at a price - $5 p/month / $60 annual - DIY install, 3rd party Host (e.g. Digitalocean base droplet)

    Paid Tiers: Start form $250... up to "how deep is your pockets" 😉

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    @omega said in Why hosted NodeBB is so expensive?:

    $5 p/month

    Digital Ocean has $4/mo droplet now 😆

    ... but I cannot guarantee NodeBB will successfully build its webpack payload on such a small droplet.

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    So cost of living only drops for robots 🤖 ... figures. 😢

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    @julian Were I needing to minimize costs as much as possible, I would be considering repurposing a retired PC running Unix/Linux (whatever whomever is going to undertake this endeavor favors), set up DynamicDNS, and then route everything to that PC. Maybe put an OpenBSD packet filtering router ahead of everything to keep packets sorted. Toss an inexpensive but high VA UPS into the mix....

    Zero additional costs since piggybacking on existing internet connection. Presume low traffic/development box. Once you need more, you will hopefully be able to afford a virtual machine from your preferred provider.

    My shootin' from the hip $0.02. You get what you pay for. Caveat emptor. 🐕 🌴

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    @gotwf The reason why we went with DigitalOcean (or Linode, or Hetzner, or any other "VPS as a service" offering) is because I explicitly don't want to handle bare-metal servers.

    There are significant cost-savings to be had, but at the same time, if things go belly-up on a Sunday at 3 in the morning, who gets paged? Me!

    On the other hand, using DO give us significant cost savings compared to if we had built our infrastructure on Heroku, GCP, AWS Lambda, etc...

    On the latter point, I haven't actually done the math, so maybe a deployment on Lambda could end up being more cost effective, so who knows.

    All I know is I also like shell access 😄

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    @julian Indubitably.

    But for five bucks at an yard sale even the most financially challenged can play around with NodeBB, for near free, presuming an existing Internet connection, if they are willing to do the work.

    Cost benefit ratios are not static bottom line beans, but rather fluid, dynamic, contingent upon perspective. The cost of a $5/mo vitrual machine is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder... errrmmmmm..... responsible party.

    Peace. Out. ✌ 🐕 🌴 🌴

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    @julian I need to look harder, cause I can't find that $4 deal! 🔍

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