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    This article on SendGrid is helpful. You do need to set up a separate MX record on a subdomain (or other domain) for inbound "parse" replies.

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    Problem solved. For this topic to be any usefull at all:

    Run into first problem trying to point and click install 2 nodebb instances( test and the actual) on the same server and obviously, both couldn't listen on the same 4567 port.

    Second, did the second install from the old docs on readthedocs instead of the official ones from nodebb.

    Third, forgot to also add php-fpm directives to my Nginx config. And start Mongodb.

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    Re: Apache 2.2.15 with websocket not working...already backported mod_proxy_wstunnel

    So far I have installed and configured nodebb successfully and it is running on port 4567.
    But I am struck with the last step which is configuring web server as proxy. My server is running on CentOS 6.8 and I am struck with Apache 2.2.15 . I can see that I need to follow below procedure .

    The problem is I am very new to linux and couldn't understand the steps mentioned there. Searched online but couldn't find any article with detailed steps.

    Can some one who did this already help me with steps / instructions. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi guys.
    I receive the following error after follow the instruction to install the plug in. It seems like there are some people also not able to fix it. However I saw in this post it is being solved. Can anyone that experience this share their solutions? 🙂


    It also came with the following error in log

    8/1 04:13 [204] - error: /api/admin/uploadlogo
    Error: invalid-refresh-token
    at refreshToken (/app/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-imgur/index.js:102:20)
    at Request._callback (/app/node_modules/nodebb-plugin-imgur/index.js:216:13)
    at Request.self.callback (/app/node_modules/request/request.js:198:22)
    at emitTwo (events.js:87:13)
    at Request.emit (events.js:172:7)
    at Request.<anonymous> (/app/node_modules/request/request.js:1035:10)
    at emitOne (events.js:82:20)
    at Request.emit (events.js:169:7)
    at IncomingMessage.<anonymous> (/app/node_modules/request/request.js:962:12)
    at emitNone (events.js:72:20)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:166:7)

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    Good answer!!!! I am doing that!