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    Re: Change upvote/downvote icons?

    Hi All,

    I make this CSS based on Above topic. And it work well on my Test Forum 1.16.2. Not Voted and Voted will have differnt Icon.

    span.votes {
        // not voted is outline
        .fa-chevron-up:before {
            content: "\f087";        
        // upvoted is solid
        .upvoted .fa-chevron-up:before {
            content: "\f164";
        .fa-chevron-down:before {
            content: "\f088";
        .downvoted .fa-chevron-down:before {
            content: "\f165";

    alt text

    alt text

    However on my NodeBB hosted service v 1.18.5 The Icon before vote doesnt appear. If I use same icon for Voted and Not Voted it will appear (Down Vote is using same Icon so it appear).

    alt text

    After Vote
    alt text

    Could you guy please help me fix this CSS. I just want 2 "state" Icon for not voted and voted!

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    @nguyễn-bảo hey there, can you reach out to us at [email protected] so we can take a look?

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