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    @lucky-laxadhish You'll need to provide more information than that. Please limit your responses to this topic, as direct DMs requesting help are not always welcome.

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    Earlier I installed a search plugin on nodebb, and then I restarted the nodebb service, it shows that the nodebb service has been restarting. I searched for it. I can disable the plugin via ./nodebb reset -p, but my nodebb is installed. In the container, what can I do to knock this order?

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    @flex said:

    Do you think that it's possible to don't use yours and replace it by my reverse proxy ?

    HI, If you meant that one use a niginx which is installed on a host instead of a dockerized nginx which is dedicated for NodeBB, then it's totally possible, yes 🙂

    I just put some ideas and matters

    One can remove a dockerized nginx easily by just a modifying(removing) of nginx part from docker-compose.yml. Really, that's just it. ( This is a full chain, but if one doesn't need/want a full chain then.. 🙂 ) One can use a dockerized nginx as a prime web server instead a host installed web server and can serve subomains or what ever with other docker or directory Actually this doesn't happen yet, but nginx can serve static files for NodeBB efficiently and you know, nginx is extremely small. So I'd rather proxy from a host installed nginx to the nodebb dedicated nginx docker ( In this case one needs to change a line 80:80 with 8080:80 or <any port>:80 in docker-compose.yml )

    But, if anybody wants to get an easier way and less steps, then your idea will be also a good option.

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    Opps I think I figure it out XD I just have to go to the widget section and select the custom page i created. 🙂

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    Cool @drew look forward to it, let me know if I can be of any help.