Avoiding E-Mail verification in case of LDAP login

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    Regarding current 1.18.4 we've enable LDAP authentication using the nodebb-plugin-sso-open-ldap plugin. We only allow internal user logins having an LDAP entry and thus don't want to see any E-Mail confirmations assuming directory data being valid.

    I'm thus looking for an option to simply accept an e-mail address being provided by an LDAP server on first nodebb server login without sending a subsequent confirmation link.

    Second question: Generated e-mail address confirmation mails currently contain confirmation links like e.g. http://localhost:4567/confirm/ad97cf30-a162-410d-9c7c-99e027cd2d61. This of course relates to the internal nodebb Server behind our NginX frontend server. So I'd like to specify replacing http://localhost:4567/ by e.g. https://ourdomain.org/. I've already set the server's Settings --> General --> Site Settings URL entry accordingly to no avail.

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    You need to set the url in config.json to exactly the url at which you access your site.

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    @pitaj Fount it, thx! Any idea for my first question?

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    @goik You will need to have the plugin call await user.email.confirmByUid(uid); when the account is created.

    But a different question -- do you need to have the account confirmed? By default privileges are set up so that both confirmed and unconfirmed accounts can post new topic/replies, etc., so there is no functional difference except that outgoing emails won't be sent to unconfirmed emails.

    If it's merely to "check a box", then maybe it is ok to just not confirm any emails.

    Might be the plugin needs updating to auto-confirm email addresses.

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