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  • I see the setting "Minimum reputation to downvote" but is there a way to set minimum reputation to upvote? Without this setting, what would stop someone from creating two accounts with the intention of upvoting themselves into the higher ranks?

  • I think this makes sense to add, please open an issue at

  • @zandertrek Hopefully other knobs catch stuff typically associated w/such: temp email addresses, same IP addresses, stopforumspam, etc.

    Not sure I am keen on the minimum reputation thing as it is off putting to lower tech users, of which I have many. But as long as it is optional and not mandatory then I guess it is yet another arrow in the quiver.

    Very difficult to preclude certain miscreant type from gamifying reputation "warfare" because even if you get rid of the sock puppet accounts you still get groups of people "organizing", e.g. the Trump/Clinton election war games of 2016 resulted in the end of supertopo climber forums, wh/had previously been extant for something like eighteen years. Climber forums taken over by politards. Aye, caramba!!!

  • I did not open an issue on Github because plugin-reputation-rules is revived and offers this feature.

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