where can i find the Custom css in the files?

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    @julian I'm still getting the same error. Do I have to uninstall the custom theme first (It's currently active as the main theme).

    I probably did it the wrong way. I basically copied harmony in node_modules and rename it and did my edits from there.

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    For my original problem, I think I found a bug.
    For some reason the user password length was set to 0 (I didn't set it that way, it's not possible). When I set up my forum, my password was 7 characters long (before launching the site, I change the password to a complex and unique one, but during the development process I use a simple one that I remember). When I transferred the forum to the server and edited Users -> Settings, I set the minimum password to 8 characters, because it was impossible to leave the field with a default value of 0. And here I see a bug, because no one expects this behavior. Once the minimum password is set, NodeBB simply stops accepting any passwords that are shorter. This is completely non-obvious and as an admin I fell into a trap. I would expect two behaviors:

    Continue to accept set passwords even of shorter length until a password change is required Display a warning and reset passwords of shorter length if the administrator confirms this action.

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    Never mind - after looking at the slick theme, I realised that partials/breadcrumbs is being included at the top of the file, so this is the intended target 🙂

  • Can't register new users

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    Tried this on mine, but no luck. Same issue. Verified that the fix made it in.

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    OK... removing the port, :4567 - helped with the Google SSO to finally work.

    just "https://digital.nomadic.cloud" - and it's working fine.

    I know that during the set up process (tried 5 times previously), ensuring the port here made a difference with making something else work.

    When I see that bug again, I will post that separately.

    and.. thank you 🙂