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  • Hi
    Is there a way to set this option to "Watching" by default for every topic starter? Couldn't find it in the settings.
    Also, does this mean that forum will send email notifications? Or it's just a notification in the Notifications menu in the header?


  • This is a user setting. "Watch topics you create". You can see the user settings at

    What notifications are sent via email is also a user setting. You can configure default user settings in the ACP. You'll need to configure email there as well if you haven't already.

  • @pitaj thank you! I forgot to check the personal user settings.
    But still, maybe there is also a way to set this checkbox be default? Do I have to make changes in the NodeBB core to have this checkbox marked? And if yes, there where I can do that?

  • @aleksei if you change the setting I said then new users will by default automatically be notified when replies are made to any topic they post. There's a different setting for if you want to be notified about replied to a topic you replied to.

    Again: you can configure the defaults for user settings in the ACP. New users will automatically be assigned the settings you select there.

    There's no way to make people be notified about every reply to every topic even if it isn't their topic or they didn't reply to it.

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    I tried adding new relic package into my nodeBB install by adding
    after removing the new relic agent from app.js its working fine again.
    I just wanted to let other nodeBB forum administrators to know about this issue if they face same problem.

  • New topic button

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    Hey guys,

    @sebastian-marinescu said in New topic button:

    Do you use a custom theme?
    I'm using the default persona with an addon to disable subcategory view on the home page.

    @julian said in New topic button:

    You'll want to wire up a click handler to your trigger element, and when clicked, execute app.newTopic(); That's it!

    Thank you, ill have to learn CSS/HTML to do this then I am guessing.

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    can you please tell me how i use composer in my nodebb plugin.

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    resize.js?v=m7k4h3q8uhk:30 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getBoundingClientRect' of undefined
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    First of all we already have topic thumbnails you can enable it from the ACP.

    If that isn't enough you can take a look at the code that makes it work and duplicate that.

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