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  • Hey team, I can't see any details in the admin panel.
    And the text in there links through to a tutorial/instructions on updating the site on your own hosting.

    How are version updates and backups handled for the hosted plans you offer? You offer daily backups, how long are they held for? How many individual days could someone roll back to? And does someone simply raise a support ticket via email to have one restored if need be?

    And what about version upgrades?
    When they are done? Is it an email to ask for an upgrade? What kind of downtime does it generate?


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    I suggest emailing [email protected] with your questions.

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    Hi @timps -- we store daily backups for two days, and full image backups (taken weekly) for a month. If you need a rollback, you'll need to open up a support ticket ,yes.

    We handle version upgrades upon request. Usually downtime is minimal (if any), although larger forums we'll want to take a bit more time just in case.

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