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    I somehow got it to v3.3.5 now. Please do not ask how 😉 I'm thinking about reinstalling to start cleanly.

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    Now we have special settings for the notification of each chat, can you provide this feature for groups as well? that each user can set himself which group he is a member of to receive notifications?

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    We recently received some inquiries about how long we will support 1.x and 2.x with security fixes.

    1.x will be supported for another 12 months up until August 2024 2.x will be supported for another 24 months up until August 2025

    We also released https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/releases/tag/v2.8.16 and https://github.com/NodeBB/NodeBB/releases/tag/v1.19.12 containing some of the fixes from the 3.x line. If you are not able to upgrade to 3.x we encourage you to upgrade to these releases.

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    @phenomlab very true. A lot of talented people have done some surprisingly cool things with just the custom css panel.

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    @julian said in What's next after v3?:

    I've said it there and I'll say it here. NodeBB will follow the ActivityPub spec and, if possible, will be tested against both Flarum and Discourse integrations because doing so makes federated forums a force to be reckoned with.

    This is good. More and more development efforts too are focusing so little on the Mastodon API and instead focusing on the actual standards - S2S & C2S as they should.

    Building Federation for the Fediverse is of paramount consideration, while making sure one federates with a single Fediverse platform whose significance is waning as the bellweather for social communications. Even entire Mastodon communities have left that platform and migrated en masse to other, more capable platforms - some outright forks like Glitch-Soc or Hometown, and many more to other more promising Fediverse platforms that have enjoyed greater adoption due to their more accommodating utility for their userbases.

    In the End, it's not really about communities built on an instance and provided to the user base - it's about users across the entire #Fediverse building communities that span the myriad platforms and instances; especially as smolweb / smallweb and single user platforms continue to build critical mass in terms of installed instances.

    #Friendica, being one of the great-grandaddy's of, and staples in, the Fediverse, is a great platform chosen by many projects to effectively represent the branding, marketing, and social communications needs - blogs, announcements, changelogs, newsletters, and public dialog... Things a limited microblogging software cannot deliver.