Nodebb benchmarking userslug api issues

  • Hello @PitaJ @julian

    I am doing the nodebb api performance testing using JMeter and I am facing some issues with userslug apis


    this api are giving around 200 throughput

    api flow is
    my_application_UI => my_application_Backend => my_middleware => noebb apis

    (when I hit it will go first to my application backend from ther it will go to my middleware service and from there it will go to nodebb apis)

    My application backend and my middleware both are just proxy and there is not functionality added

    My server config
    my_application_UI => 12 pod 1GB
    my middleware => 12 pod
    nodebb => 12pod 4gb
    mongodb => 4core


    can you help me to solve this issues?

    CC: @vinu

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    What issue?

  • @pitaj don't know exactly , also I test user apis

    using AB tool there also seeing low throughput

    is it possible to share ur reports and server config?

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    What throughput are you expecting? Is this a bottleneck for your usage?

    What is your setup?

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    @venkat123 said in Nodebb benchmarking userslug api issues:

    this api are giving around 200 throughput

    What is this metric compared to, for other routes?

  • @julian

    Here is the other api(category details api)


    this api is giving 1200 tps

    also other apis are giving better tps around 1200.

  • @pitaj

    Environment setup details
    NodeBB => 12 Pods(each pod of 4GB RAM)
    MondeDB => 1pod(4 core machine)

    We are using NodeBB in "Sunbird platform". While we do benchmark of NodeBB API's, we have noticed this issue.

    Most of the {userslug} API's are not performaing well(throughput around 140) as metioned by @venkat123 in the above thread.


    Where as Category read API's are performing well. We are alble to get better through put around 1200.


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