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  • In typesetting, when there are too many images, the efficiency of selecting and uploading one by one is extremely low. When multiple choices are uploaded, it is out of order. No matter IOS win Android can not to sort the images according to their own wishes, according to the selection method when uploading, whether it is date or file name

    I suggest that multiple uploads can be sorted in a certain way. I'm not a professional developer. whether it can realize the function
    Sort the uploaded pictures according to the selection order or upload time

    在排版时候当图像过多时候,一张一张的选取上传效率极低,多选上传时候是无序的不管是 ios win 安卓都无法将图片按照自己的意愿进行,按上传时候的选取方式进行排序,不管是日期还是名称



  • You want to be able to sort them in the post? What's stopping you from rearranging them in the post content?

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