Enhancement to Scheduled Posts

Feature Requests
  • First off - thank you for implementing scheduled posts in 1.17.0!!!

    To make it a bit more usable though it would be ideal of scheduled posts didn't appear at the top of the category greyed out as they do.

    I'd love to open this feature to non-admins both for use as drafts for longer form posts and to allow scheduling but with a post hanging out for all to see at the top of the category it makes it not useful for that.

    Maybe have a /scheduled section they get dumped into or only visible in /user/topics before going live.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  • Don't they only appear to admins and mods that have the privilege to view deleted topics?

  • @pitaj If I add 'schedule topics' privilege to a user (or group) they now see every scheduled topic.

    As the tool works today it's fine for admin or mod usage, but I'd like to open it up for my whole user base.

    We have a lot of long-form blog and how-to type content on our forum and it'd be a great help to users to be able to manage them through scheduled posts like this instead of having to store drafts elsewhere (like word or such).

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