Cannot find any string to translate.

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    It looks to me like the German translation was intented to be informal. That is what most communities would use anyway and what should be the default. So I would consider the formal language in the recent translation a bug.

    I also think the translation could be improved. Most parts are very well translated other parts are not so perfect and a few are just wrong.

    I'm also not sure, if there is really a need for a formal German translation. It's just a UI. We wouldn't talk to Siri, Google or Alexa in a formal way.

    Of course there is nothing wrong to have a formal translation as an option, but would there be a maintainer? Who wants to do the extra work and keep the two translations in sync.

    I opened an issue:

  • Translation with arguments.

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    @marcelo-lopes escape the comma as an HTML entity:

    text.replace(/,/g, ',')
  • String

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    These should be fixed on master now.

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    @julian I'm trying in the same way like you mentioned.
    created: static/images in node_modules/nodebb-theme-persona
    in plugin.json i have added the below line
    "acpScripts": [
    "staticDirs": {
    "images": "./static/images"
    and in the header file i'm trying to get the image like below
    <img src="/plugins/nodebb-theme-persona/images/logoWithText.png" />

    but this is not working. Please suggest what am i doing wrong

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    I made a Spanish translation for NodeBB, i dont know how to uplaod it to my server to test it.

    If anyone want it, just ask.

    And if anybody can help me to install it to test it before release, please chat me or reply above.