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    I think it is working now. BTW, I am using a vertical 1080p display.

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    @sharonyue to remove the panel you have to edit the template.

    I do not know exactly where it is but it should something with topic template.

    Maybe here:

    <div class="topic-header"> <h1 component="post/header" class="" itemprop="name"> <span class="topic-title" component="topic/title"> <span component="topic/labels"> <i component="topic/pinned" class="fa fa-thumb-tack <!-- IF !pinned -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !pinned -->" title="{{{ if !pinExpiry }}}[[topic:pinned]]{{{ else }}}[[topic:pinned-with-expiry, {pinExpiryISO}]]{{{ end }}}"></i> <i component="topic/locked" class="fa fa-lock <!-- IF !locked -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !locked -->" title="[[topic:locked]]"></i> <i class="fa fa-arrow-circle-right <!-- IF !oldCid -->hidden<!-- ENDIF !oldCid -->" title="{{{ if privileges.isAdminOrMod }}}[[topic:moved-from, {}]]{{{ else }}}[[topic:moved]]{{{ end }}}"></i> {{{each icons}}}{@value}{{{end}}} </span> {title} </span> </h1> <div class="topic-info clearfix"> <div class="category-item inline-block"> {{{ if category.icon }}} <div role="presentation" class="icon pull-left" style="{{{ if category.bgColor }}}background-color: {category.bgColor};{{{end}}}; {{{ if category.color}}}color: {category.color};{{{end}}}"> <i class="fa fa-fw {category.icon}"></i> </div> {{{ end }}} <a href="{config.relative_path}/category/{category.slug}">{}</a> </div> <div class="tags tag-list inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/tags.tpl --> </div> <div class="inline-block hidden-xs"> <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/stats.tpl --> </div> {{{ if !feeds:disableRSS }}} {{{ if rssFeedUrl }}}<a class="hidden-xs" target="_blank" href="{rssFeedUrl}"><i class="fa fa-rss-square"></i></a>{{{ end }}} {{{ end }}} <!-- IMPORT partials/topic/browsing-users.tpl --> <!-- IMPORT partials/post_bar.tpl --> </div> </div>
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    It's just like the layout I was requesting in this post

    Hopefully one day there will be more theme choices

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    Appreciate all those providing input on this type of layout. It's too bad the site using the grid layout is not using nodebb or else we could probably get the designer to provide some help.

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    What a nice surprise, didn't expect whole solution. Thank you very much!