Is it possible to use my application user name and id instead of creating new account in nodebb with random uid?

  • @julian I am trying to use my own application user details (username and userID)


       username: 'venkat',
       userId : "2a5t8862-88k52-48569df5"

    can I use above user details for nodebb.

    As of now nodebb is creating incremental id (uid)
    instead of that uid, can i use my own userId as nodebb

    Present Nodebb user details:

       username: "venkat",
       uid: 5

    my requirement is

      username: 'venkat',
      uid: '2a5t8862-88k52-48569df5'

    is there any way to implement the above requirement ?

    CC: @vinu

  • Global Moderator

    @venkat you want to store a map in the database, mapping NodeBB uids to your userId format.

  • Same situation here.
    We have all our internal services (Marketing, Accounts, Shells, Mail, Forum etc) where users use same useraccount for loging-in.

    Every service works except forum. Ive done as @PitaJ suggested above but no luck.

    Anyone ?

  • Global Moderator

    What did you try? Have you seen the session sharing plugin?

  • @pitaj Is it possible to add nodebb uid as a string

    I did some code change in Nodebb repo for adding string as a uid, it is storing but while accessing I am not getting the proper data.

    can you suggest me the better solution?

    I need to use my identifier(string) as a nodebb uid instead of auto increment uid(number) ?

  • Global Moderator

    @venkat have you looked at the session sharing plugin?

    It provide functions for retrieving the NodeBB id from your id.

    Using that plugin is the recommended way of sharing sessions between applications.

    Changing the NodeBB id format is a futile effort. You can't just change it to a string. The closest you can do is map your id to the NodeBB id.

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