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    NodeBB Poll plugin

    This NodeBB plugin will allow you to add polls to the first post of a topic.
    Current version: 0.2.9
    NodeBB compatibility: 1.0.0 and up.


    This is still a work in progress. It's entirely possible that old polls will end up broken by new releases.

    How to add a poll

    There are two ways to add a poll to a topic. The easiest and advised way is to use the poll creator. After installing you will find a new button in the composer. Clicking it will open the poll creator. In here you can change some settings and add the options for your poll. When you're done, hit Confirm and the appropriate poll markup will be added to your post.

    The second way is to write the markup yourself. Its syntax is as follows:

    [poll <settings>]
    - Poll options
    - Another option

    It doesn't matter where in the post you add this markup, as long as you keep it intact.

    Keep in mind that you can only add a poll to the first post of a topic. You can add polls to existing topics by editing the first post.


    The AdminCP page for this plugin will allow you to change the default settings and set some constraints. There are currently only a few options, but these will expand over time.


    Either through the NodeBB ACP or npm install nodebb-plugin-poll



    • Add the ability to edit a poll
    • Add the ability to remove a vote, and a setting to disable the removal of votes
    • Anonymous voting
    • More...

    If you're willing to help, please make any improvements you want and submit a PR.


    The source can be found on Github.


    For those that insist on buying me a beer: hit my up on the chat.

  • Admin

    Add "create a widgetizd version" in the todo :P No promises but if I do end up contributing I might look into that. Congrats for finally releasing this :+1:

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Nice work, I'll test it out today but its definitely a great addition to any community! :+1:
    Thanks for taking the time to make initially make this plugin.

  • Global Moderator

    Bravo schamper. Every time I read your username, I think of one of the villains from 007:tomorrow never dies. He's called stamper, but the German guy pronounces it shtamper.

    True story. :thumbsup:

    Will be installing in the morning and giving it a test (my polls weren't transferred from my forum conversion, so I'll start them again)

  • Admin


    Doug Stamper

  • Global Moderator


    If I weren't on an iPad, I'd caption that image... Something along the lines of "here have a plugin"

  • GNU/Linux

    Thanks @Schamper

  • Widget version would be great, could be used for daily polls.

  • GNU/Linux

    @Scuzz said:

    Widget version would be great, could be used for daily polls.

    Yep. Would love to have one.

  • Running the latest git version, but seem to be unable to post a poll.

  • I think @schamper needs to update this for latest release. He has been working on other things and I think this may be lower down in his list?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Scuzz said:

    I think @schamper needs to update this for latest release. He has been working on other things and I think this may be lower down in his list?

    @Punkbob this. I hope I can get to this sometime soon. However since there seems to be almost zero demand for this plugin it indeed has a lower priority.

  • @Schamper no worries, I guess that explains why I am having difficulties with other plugins, did the .4.0 line break a ton of stuff?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Punkbob probably did ;) Haven't had the time to look into everything. Most of the plugins I made use some kind of hack to work because the functionality wasn't there yet in NodeBB. However with the fast development it has, it breaks my hacks (and sometimes actually implements the features I need ;)) Then there's just the lack of time to fix everything up.

  • Global Moderator

    @Schamper I'd download it if it worked. :laughing:

  • If @Schamper got this working, I'd give him an internets. But then v0.50 would probably break it again, so I'd just have to take it back temporarily.

  • We have it working over at BitBangers and we are on stable release.

  • it does not work on my website too http://www.cryptofr.com/topic/9/test-sondage/3

    if you can fix it, it would be really kind ^^

  • @Scuzz, any code modifications required?

  • @Ted I have not made any changes to the code.
    I'm not sure if i have the npm version or the github version.

    we are on 0.4.3 of NodeBB.

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