Difference between child theme and direct editing?

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    @macfan Not strictly true -- while you can accomplish a lot with just front-end styling, our theming engine allows you to change the underlying templates as well, so you are not limited to having elements in specific positions.

    For example, if you want to have your reply buttons somewhere else on the page, or remove them altogether, you can do so by updating the topic.tpl template.

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    @yariplus thanks for u're help ~

    i wil try it

  • Theme request/buy?

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    @pichalite said in Theme request/buy?:

    @undeadguppy you can contact the NodeBB developers at [email protected]. They can build a custom theme for you.

    Shot out an email to them! Thanks for your help!

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    @Joykiller Not sure if you're around anymore but I thought I'd respond anyway.

    The problem with maintaining a plugin and theme directory is the maintenance aspect. We simply don't have the time to make sure everything is compatible, especially since every plugin created is a community contribution.

    So we automate. We rely on plugin developers to report plugin compatibility, and serve only those plugins that are marked compatible. There is one downside, however, and that is plugins will quickly disappear in successive revisions of NodeBB unless the authors keep them up to date.

    So there's definitely space for crowdsourcing as well. If a plugin is not marked compatible by the developer directly, multiple reports of compatibility by the plugin users should also count, and if enough votes come in, then the plugin should automatically be reintroduced.

    ☝ that part isn't in yet, but it's on the wish list.

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    @julian Thanks very much for your help Julian - Cheers!