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  • In recent years, I have run community and private websites on someone else's servers.
    I used a CMS called Rhymix, which was made by Korean developers, when I ran a game community.
    Because it was not my server, I could only use CMS using php.
    So I couldn't use node.js even though I wanted to, but I just got my own server.

    At first, I thought about building a server using SBC(like Odroid) or NAS.
    However, when I heard that Oracle Cloud provide two free instances for lifetime, I created a Ubuntu VM instance.

    The site I made this time is to record personal data, and I wanted to use a layout that looks like a category page of the forum.
    Since the types of bulletin boards that Koreans usually use are different from forum-type, there were no bulletin boards that implemented similar forms in Rhymix.

    Meanwhile, I realized that if I want to use forum-type bulletin boards, I can just use forum software.
    After comparing various forum software, I decided to use NodeBB.

    It is my first time using Linux, so I went through several trials and errors, but finally completed the installation of NodeBB and have been using it for three days.
    Using NodeBB is very satisfying because it is light and easy to use.

    The Korean translation has already been done to some extent, but some have been less translated.
    Also, there are awkward translation or grammar errors, so I'm currently working on Korean translation of NodeBB in Github.

    I hope NodeBB will develop further and thanks to all contributors.

  • @nubi-kr I hope you haven't spent too much time working on a Korean translation through the Github repository. We very much prefer it if people use transifex to contribute translations to the project.

  • @pitaj Nooo... but it's ok

    New translation will not be difficult because I have experience translating English and Japanese into Korean.

    However, there are translations that use different words with the same meaning or words that are not currently used well, so it will take some time to fix that part.

    I'll do untranslated part first and fix them later.

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