• @pitaj said in Cannot get emojis to work:

    db.objects.find({ _key:'emoji:customizations:emojis' })

    { "_id" : ObjectId("603a50a7a1600fa8ea4ebcb9"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"zlatan\",\"image\":\"78682101-8e02-479f-b9aa-254c05ec81b0-zlatan.gif\"}", "score" : 4107924063 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5f6f10a73bac327071ff4b98"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"volet\",\"image\":\"aa0b81cb-93af-4392-9c3a-11089e8773a7-volet.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"volet\"],\"ascii\":[\":volet:\"]}", "score" : 183096193 } { "_id" : ObjectId("603a51c3a1600fa8ea4ebe92"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"volet\",\"image\":\"69eb706a-4bce-4e92-9f59-49187bb3058c-volet.gif\"}", "score" : 4107924065 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5f6f0ed83bac327071ff478d"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"travolta\",\"image\":\"f1f1b840-d747-49ca-9915-6bfee7be9274-ezgif.com-resize(1).gif\",\"aliases\":[\"travolta\"],\"ascii\":[\":travolta:\"]}", "score" : 2013979170 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8b070fba89e16361c51ce"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"tap\",\"image\":\"c7d9ce19-5479-4144-9eb8-c5762cb11d29-taptap.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"tap\"],\"ascii\":[\":tap:\"]}", "score" : 193426144 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba82060fba89e16361c50d5"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"sweat\",\"image\":\"89c94d76-333a-4cdd-bb73-71eb42792bcf-sweat.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"sweat\"],\"ascii\":[\":sweat:\"]}", "score" : 182959441 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8b056fba89e16361c51cd"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"shit\",\"image\":\"a0f68a7c-ad32-41fe-b975-2c000f8f1d3d-shit.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"shit\"],\"ascii\":[\":shit:\"]}", "score" : 2087960707 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8b040fba89e16361c51cc"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"score\",\"image\":\"9c4c85c6-835c-4932-aba5-e239ad432af8-score.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"score\"],\"ascii\":[\":score:\"]}", "score" : 165577581 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba820a8fba89e16361c50da"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"roll\",\"image\":\"e11c2a80-4b2d-4992-b861-17f9fe31a48b-roll.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"roll\"],\"ascii\":[\":roll:\"]}", "score" : 2087659768 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8ab38fba89e16361c519f"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"rambo\",\"image\":\"569b3ce0-0246-4268-9563-ef8b26569ac5-rambo.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"rambo\"],\"ascii\":[\":rambo:\"]}", "score" : 181302582 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8aff3fba89e16361c51cb"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"ragix\",\"image\":\"a607eb30-7eb4-4735-8cc8-9f685a158a28-ragix.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"ragix\"],\"ascii\":[\":ragix:\"]}", "score" : 196892672 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8afd1fba89e16361c51ca"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"quoi\",\"image\":\"725413ba-e3d8-444b-8ab2-ce8625f77fca-quoi.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"quoi\"],\"ascii\":[\":quoi:\"]}", "score" : 2087834311 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8afb3fba89e16361c51c9"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"prince\",\"image\":\"69ef238a-1c85-4fd8-81d0-eecb4f9f1d4a-prince.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"prince\"],\"ascii\":[\":prince:\"]}", "score" : 1158221606 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8af8dfba89e16361c51c8"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"prefet\",\"image\":\"bb17e2b1-35ee-4453-8db9-9af89a998cae-prefet.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"prefet\"],\"ascii\":[\":prefet:\"]}", "score" : 1747141653 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5bd8d37efba89e16361c8ffa"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"poppop\",\"image\":\"81981a9f-0fc2-4e70-8710-6dc8b6242538-poppop.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"poppop\"],\"ascii\":[\":poppop:\"]}", "score" : 1900822949 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8af70fba89e16361c51c7"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"police\",\"image\":\"f3715bf2-0e15-405e-b926-57512bad6dca-police.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"police\"],\"ascii\":[\":police:\"]}", "score" : 1158055545 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8af56fba89e16361c51c6"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"passe\",\"image\":\"2652e883-9dd5-4d97-aeb6-29b2234f312d-passe.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"passe\"],\"ascii\":[\":passe:\"]}", "score" : 165785681 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5fbcd71e269ac9fb20789ebb"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"paf\",\"image\":\"c9d73d5d-7698-4998-bc97-e73903d5f842-paf.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"paf\"],\"ascii\":[\":paf:\"]}", "score" : 193410802 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5f6f0c3f3bac327071ff417e"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"oo\",\"image\":\"f34d71cc-7f29-45a4-808e-64d33b496616-OO.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"oo\"],\"ascii\":[\":oo:\"]}", "score" : 5861221 } { "_id" : ObjectId("5ba8af35fba89e16361c51c5"), "_key" : "emoji:customizations:emojis", "value" : "{\"name\":\"okay\",\"image\":\"d0771315-c0fa-4849-8620-51977faa691d-okay.gif\",\"aliases\":[\"okay\"],\"ascii\":[\":okay:\"]}", "score" : 2088415001 } Type "it" for more

    db.objects.find({ _key:'emoji:customizations:adjuncts' })

    Works but doesn't return anything.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @taloche running the following mongo command will rename the set emoji:customizations:emojis to emoji:customizations:emojis:bkp, to essentially make it act as if you deleted the prior.

    db.objects.update({ _key:'emoji:customizations:emojis' }, { $set: { _key: 'emoji:customizations:emojis:bkp' } }, { multi: true })

    Try running that then building emoji assets.

  • @pitaj said in Cannot get emojis to work:

    db.objects.update({ _key:'emoji:customizations:emojis' }, { $set: { _key: 'emoji:customizations:emojis:bkp' } }, { multi: true })

    Thanks a lot @PitaJ.
    As promised the "Build Emoji Asset" works again.

    I tried playing around with it again and managed to get the errors back again.
    It seems that if you by accident hit the "check" at the end of the line before putting the "ASCII patterns" it messes up the line and the errors are back.

    But after a fresh install of everything I can't reproduce these errors.

    Thanks again!

    EDIT: it seems that if you leave a character in an empty line added by mistake at the end, for example, the errors are back if you save then build.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @taloche I'm having trouble understanding what you mean. Could you give an example? I'd like to implement a validation step to prevent that if possible.

  • @pitaj sorry!

    For instance, on a first line, you enter a name, then upload an gif, then type the alias, hit the '+' button to validate the alias, then you type the ASCII Pattern but there instead of hitting the '+' button to validate the ASCII Pattern, you hit the Green check button at the end of the line, your ASCII Pattern is moved to a new (empty) line.

    So this

    Gives you this
    Screenshot_2021-02-27 Plugins Emoji Panneau d'administration NodeBB(1).png

    And if you save and build this by mistake because, like me, you're not paying too much attention, you get the errors I got.

    I hope you appreciate the artistic efforts to illustrate the issue.

  • @PitaJ Sorry to bother you again, but is there any chance there's a workaround where we could use the emoji-plugin without having to use another emoji pack like the apple, android, etc... ones?
    I only like to use on our forum, our gifs and homemade smilies.

    On the frontend with CSS, I hide the toolip bar in the simlies window so only our gifs show up but when you use the search bar you end up seeing the other emoji pack.
    If I remember correctly you had made that possible with the old nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @taloche have you tried just disabling all of the packs? I just tried that and it seemed to work, showing only the custom emoji.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @taloche thanks for the example. Like you, I wasn't able to reproduce the issue unfortunately.

  • @pitaj I believe that's what I did before the upgrade. The emoji-android pack was disabled.
    Have you tried to add a new emoji now that you've disabled the pack?
    I've just entered our 156 personal emojis, now that it's working again, I'm a bit afraid to play with it.
    After your help, I managed to get the errors again on 3 occassions, but once it was working I didn't manage to reproduce it.
    I guess that with the clean slate you gave me, I did the plugin adding, build asset, nodebb build in the correct order.

  • @PitaJ seems to work. Disabled the emoji-pack. Did a ./nodebb build after stopping nodebb. I was able to add a new emoji, then hit the 'build asset' button. Stopped nodebb again, did another ./nodebb build, went back to the emoji panel, no issues, no errors.
    Thanks again for the help, sorry I wasn't able to find what went wrong.

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