cloned nodebb, now getting errors with username taken?

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    I have cloned my VM as I thought it would be easier then setting everything up from scratch, I changed the config file to use the new domain and everything is working.

    I then deleted all the users and posts and made the changes I wanted to the categories, however even though the only user is "Admin" when a try to register a new user its telling me that the username and/or email address is taken?

    So I think even though I have deleted all the users, they must still exist somehow in the database?, can you advise how I can flush this database?

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    How did you delete the users? What does your network tab show when you try to register a new user?

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    @baris I deleted them in the ACP

    I gave up, and just did a fresh install, I thought it would be quicker to just clone the existing one, but apparently when you delete a user in the ACP its not actually deleted.

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    @pitaj Yes it does sound like the same issue, I did notice that even after I deleted all the users, if I tried to register a new user with a new email that I know was not present previously the new user ID is sequential so that tells me that even though I deleted all the users, there is still some data existing somewhere in the database that was preventing registrations using any previously known email.

    As I said, I just gave up and deleted the database and started fresh, took me much longer to reconfigure everything, but was the only option I had since I couldn't get any user registrations to work.

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