• Hey,

    is there a testing workflow for GitLab pipelines?
    I'm trying to setup a testing stage on my gitlab ci/cd but nothing seem to work.

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    I don't see how this is relevant to NodeBB. Are you asking a general Node question? That's not what this forum is for.

  • @pitaj Oh sorry for the confusion. No, it's not a general Node question. I just tried to run npm test with the exiting nodebb test suite on a gitlab runner and it doesn't seem to work.

    Is this even possible? Is there an existing workflow for GitLab?

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    NodeBB tests require database setup beforehand.
    I recommend just checking out how NodeBB currently does it with GitHub Actions or how it was done earlier with TravisCI

    I haven't used GitLab CI much, but I think the services part is pretty similar to GitHub Actions - there are some setup differences (per job variables instead of per service env for example), but I think just adapting the service configuration to GitLab syntax will be better than the bash based install from TravisCI

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