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  • hey there!

    i'm making a chat app for my users, and i was wondering if i could make it so people login to my chat app using their nodebb usernames and passwords.

    i've done some googling and i can find how to make it so people can login to nodebb from another site (like facebook), but i want to make it so people login to my site using their nodebb accounts.

    is this possible? my chat app is being written in nodejs and it will be hosted at the same place as the nodebb blog and the database.


  • HI @jeffalo -- not easily...

    The long and the short of it is that NodeBB can easily act as an OAuth client, that's what it's doing when you let users log in via Facebook/Google/etc.

    To act as an OAuth server requires quite a bit of extra work and isn't exactly something we support at the moment.

    We did have a plugin for it years ago, but it did not work properly and so for the time being we do not have anything like this.

  • @julian aw that's unfortunate but thanks for the response though!

    what about if my chat app made a direct connection to the database would that be possible?

    the only issue i think then would be hashing the passwords the same way when checking if it's correct, but i dont know much about how databases work yet.

  • @jeffalo yes you can connect to NodeBB more directly and use session-sharing instead.

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