Is there any way to prevent login till email verify??

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    For my original problem, I think I found a bug.
    For some reason the user password length was set to 0 (I didn't set it that way, it's not possible). When I set up my forum, my password was 7 characters long (before launching the site, I change the password to a complex and unique one, but during the development process I use a simple one that I remember). When I transferred the forum to the server and edited Users -> Settings, I set the minimum password to 8 characters, because it was impossible to leave the field with a default value of 0. And here I see a bug, because no one expects this behavior. Once the minimum password is set, NodeBB simply stops accepting any passwords that are shorter. This is completely non-obvious and as an admin I fell into a trap. I would expect two behaviors:

    Continue to accept set passwords even of shorter length until a password change is required Display a warning and reset passwords of shorter length if the administrator confirms this action.

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    Ah, yes, that is potentially a stumbling block... port property is optional, if not specified, NodeBB will listen on port 4567. However the url property is the one that is referenced by NodeBB, and is used as the canonical reference to itself... so when somebody asks your forum what it is to be called, NodeBB will respond back with the value in url, so the port is required if you are accessing your forum with port number in url.

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    Thanks for reply.

    Thanks yariplus and julian. When i edit template, i run ./nodebb upgrade and ./nodebb restart
    It recovery template.

    I think i know problem myself run command render template.


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    Thank you

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    @psychobunny said:

    Technically speaking you can deploy Persona now if you switch to our development (master) branch. That said, may as well wait till next week when we release 0.7

    How do you do spoilers again.. 😉

    Can't wait !