[nodebb-widget-discord-embed] Embed a Discord chat in a widget using TitanEmbeds

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  • A simple widget for embedding a Discord chat (not just an invite and a list of user online, like what Discord gives by itself) using TitanEmbeds.

    My main reason for creating this instead of just using a html widget with the iframe was the option to give guests their forum username by default (so with correct settings on TitanEmbeds they can be logged in as a guest with their username automatically).

    When creating the widget you need to input the embed/server ID from TitanEmbeds and you'll be able to configure almost all settings available for the iframe embed (default channel, theme, language, etc.).

    To install just find the widget in the plugin manager or use npm install nodebb-widget-discord-embed.

    Source code can be found here

  • Awesome work! Always nice to see new widgets be created 😄

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