Has anyone added a third party cookie consent form?

NodeBB Development
  • Hello, I am trying civic uk cookie consent for to the forum. Info can be found here:
    I tried adding the same code that worked on 2 different websites, but for some reason it always causes the forums to have syntax errors. The forum will go into a disconnect loop. My guess is it's coming from socket.io. The console just points at different syntax errors coming from different templates that have nothing to do with this. For example, it gives me syntax errors coming from forum/footer and a script error from translator. I tried adding the code snippet from the admin panel on the custom html on the head. I also added it on the head inside the header.tpl. I even tried adding a simple sample from here:
    https://jsfiddle.net/eaufzst4/. The cookie consent form works, but it just causes a disconnect loop. I know nodebb offers its own cookie consent, but the third party cookie consent is a requirement.


  • Please share more details about your nodebb setup. And share what errors you're seeing both on the client side and then server side.

  • @miguel-guzman I just noticed that the Fiddle you included appears to have an API key embedded - hope that's not yours - otherwise, millions of random internet users will be getting this product for free whilst you pay for it 🙂

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