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  • Hi, I'm using a trial account and learning about NodeBB configuration. I am trying to activate the plugin I followed the steps to deactivate the current composer and markdown plugins. Then I activated the quill plugin and restarted my NBB instance.

    When I go to any of the pages to create topics/announcements, etc nothing happens when I click the New Topic button on any of the site pages.

    Clearly I didn't activate the editor correctly somehow. Any ideas?


  • Have you tried a rebuild and restart?

  • Trying now..... nope that didn't work. Here's error in console...

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at Object.d.newTopic (composer.js:198)
    at client.js:23
    at dispatch (jquery.js:5237)
    at g.handle (jquery.js:5044)
    at Object.trigger (jquery.js:8471)
    at jquery.js:8549
    at Function.each (jquery.js:367)
    at x.fn.init.each (jquery.js:202)
    at x.fn.init.trigger (jquery.js:8548)
    at (app.js:718)

  • @PitaJ Looking at the call preceeding where the code breaks, this function receives a 'data' variable but 'data' doesn't include a 'title' or 'body' property....

    $(window).on('action:app.load', function () {
    	require(['composer', 'quill-nbb'], function (composer) {
    		$(window).on('', function (ev, data) {
    				cid: data.cid,
                                        title: data.title,
    				body: data.body,
    		$(window).on('', function (ev, data) {
    		$(window).on('', function (ev, data) {
    			composer.newReply(data.tid,, data.topicName, data.text);
    		$(window).on('action:composer.addQuote', function (ev, data) {
    			composer.newReply(data.tid,, data.topicName, wrapWithBlockquote(data.text));
  • Anyway lmk what you think.... I would require that I have a reasonable editor for my users. This editor/markdown component is a deal breaker for me, it's awful..... The platform fantastic, this editor.....??? Hopefully I can get Quill working b/c it will be exactly what I need.

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