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  • Hi everyone! I’m new here, but I’m setting up a forum for a new community and I’m having some difficulty with the chat.
    We’re trying to completely drop Facebook, and so we were wondering whether we could use NodeBB’s inbuilt chat features to create a group chat for moderators (right now we’re using FB messenger). I’ve been trying out our installation but it doesn’t let me create chat rooms for more people (or at least I haven’t found the option yet).
    Also, can we connect to Nodebb chat from clients like Pidgin?

    Thank you!

  • You can add more people to a chat room by hitting the gear, then manage chat room, then you search for other users to add.

    It's also a planned feature to be able to add groups to chats.

  • @PitaJ Perfect! Thank you. Couldn’t find the option 😅
    Regarding the chat client, is it possible to connect to it through Pidgin or other chat clients? If not, is it possible to connect NodeBB’s chat to a different service?
    Thanks again!!

  • @diego well, anything is possible. Currently that functionality is not built into NodeBB, nor is there a plugin that provides it that I know of.

    It's probably possible to create a plugin for that, but it wouldn't be simple.

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