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    for login api/v3/utilities/login
    For registration /api/v3/users POST Method

    Which should be used? For just auth system i required to use in another application!
    I just add some feature there which should be available only for authenticated user.
    Same user should be able to login in forum also with same credentials

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    Hi Devs,

    I understand that chat notification occur when the target user is not directly focused on the chat itself. I further understand that the notification will also be delayed by about a minute just in case more messages come in.

    However, in the latest version, it seems that when chat is sent, the target user will not get notified within 1 minute (pending the above). Actually, action:notification.pushed is triggered after few minutes, if at all.

    Anything I am doing wrong?


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    Left Y axis is page views (gray), right Y axis is unique visitors (blue). A page view is just what it say, a visitor looking at a page. A unique visitor is identified by IP. Thus it is a unique IP visiting your site. They are summarized over a day in the graph. Thus every value is per day.

    The total you see below is the sum of all page views over the last seven days.

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    I am vision impaired and use a screen reader so maybe it is just an accessibility issue.

    I have just signed up for the hosted demo and looking into different solutions for a forum such as NodeBB, Muut, Vbulletin etc.

    I am trying to install a new plugin and get to the page where you can search for plugins under the admin menu.

    There is no labelled search button so I type in a search phrase such as "question answer" without the quotes as I want to check out the question and answer plugin. I then hit enter to presumably submit the search request.

    The page refreshes but no plugins are shown.

    Am I doing the search process incorrectly or is adding plugins banned in the demo perhaps,


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    Petty advanced code that bugs like 😉