• It would be nice to have mute function for angry users 🙂 ...

    Facebook groups have this, whenever some problem happens (which does not necessarily require a ban of users), we generously use this function to mute users for a period of time (12 hours / 24 hours / 2 days etc. )...

    User can still login, browse the forum, vote... however not able to post during this period.

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    I guess we are starting to get busier on your forum eh! 😉

    Ok this would be a useful feature when you need to calm and maybe do some moderation clean-up. It is better than locking a thread, because it neutralising the problem user, while causing the least amount of disruption to the overall forum.

    Next is locking a thread, which is often required if you have a mega multi-user spat. Unless it is easy to group mute, then this is essential.

    I would favour a FREEZE topic, that is more attuned to dealing with eruptions of chaos, moderation is happening and is a temp process, the LOCK TOPIC is very definitive and possibly Admin only option - leaving Freeze to moderators and higher - but maybe I am splitting hairs here but I think it has some merit. Something to expand on later.

    I see some users also want "ignore" features.

    I am not sure an ignore features is a great idea tbh. It goes against the spirit of an open forum and also is again a crude feature to try and address what moderation shortcomings exist.

    Basically it is a feature that is impolite by by stealth.

    +1 for a Mute feature.

  • @omega yes 🙂 busier it gets, harder to moderate 🙂

    Thanks for your comment...

    We are actually expanding our moderator teams but somehow I prefer to give them the "privilege" of "mute function" rather than "block user" function... It does not give any harm to anyone and it also calm the atmosphere, we benefited this function a lot in our facebook groups, since we do not have to kick out the user since he/she cannot comment any more...

    in our case, heated discussions are usually in large "chat" topics, so locking the topic would not be proper, since others are also using the topic for chatting...

    There was a "ignore plugin" before, but unfortunately not compatible with nodebb any more...

  • additionally, we also have "registered user only" categories... blocking also prevents them to
    access these parts, however muting shouldn't...

    we are OK for those user still browsing the forum, but just not able to comment until "muting period" is over...

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    @omega Schnay, schnay, schnay, I say. I am all for "bozo filters". Essential component of any IRC client, for e.g., the original social media. Take the lessons learned where you can.

    Rock on! 🎸

  • I wonder if/how other admins were able to solve similar issues...

    How do you deal with angry users that do not deserve to be banned from the forum but instead need time to cool down... so, a time-out period where they can still access the forum and read; however, cannot post, vote, or send messages.

    Basically, a muting function as in the Facebook groups...

  • NodeBB

    I haven't tested this but a banned-users group was added recently. So if you give the banned-user group the "local login" privilege that might work.

  • @baris Thx. I will try and update here.

  • @baris I cannot achieve this since the banned users' list contains all sorts of people in it, including trolls and spam members.

    Is there any way to create a group that will not inherit any privileges from the registered-users group?

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