Web API: Search user by custom field?

  • I am using a customized nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth plugin. After login, the user is created initially and the users id on my oauth identity server is saved in a custom field (faf-nodebbId).

    My OAuth identity server offers a concept of changing your username. So I built some code that calls the api/v2/users endpoint of the write plugin. However, to write the correct thing I need to lookup the nodebb userid with my external id / faf-nodebbId.

    It seems like the nodebb web api has no feature to search for users by custom fields. Am I right? Is there a plugin that offers this? Or what plugin could be taken as reference to implement this on my own?

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    This is usually done by saving the mapping of oauth id to nodebb uid. If it is saved as an object like that then getting the nodebb uid with a oauth id is done with
    const nbbUid = await db.getObjectField(constants.name + 'Id:uid', payload.oAuthid);

  • But that is internal api. I am looking for a solution for an external service to lookup the user with the custom field.

    This already exists: http://localhost:4567/api/user/uid/2
    I am looking for something like http://localhost:4567/api/user/<my custom field>/<my custom value> or http://localhost:4567/api/users?filter=<my custom field>==<my custom value>

  • I think you'll need to create that route in the plugin that you're using to add the custom field - NodeBB only provides routes for uid and username. You can check for privileges with middleware.canViewUsers if you don't want everyone to be able to see users info. I think the oauth plugin already sets up some custom routes, so you can base the api implementation on them.

  • Ah yes, perfect. That works locally. Thank you very much.

    Last question: I published a new version of my plugin on npmjs.org, but the plugin list still shows the old version (even a complete new installation). What am I doing wrong? Or is this list centrally stored somewhere and only refreshed once a day?

  • It should cache for an hour, I think (based on a quick look at nodebb package manager code). So yes - you have to wait a bit before the nbbpm refreshes. You can just install the updated version manually by using npm install <package name> from the command line in NodeBB folder.

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