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  • NodeBB v1.6.1 Release

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    Actually, you can add NodeBB to your home screen already... should work on both Android and iOS.

    However we don't show an alert for it because we find it obtrusive... I personally can't stand sites where I have to spend a couple seconds closing the two or three modals or overlays it shoves in my face when I want to read something, and that is reflected in how we don't do any of that in NodeBB.

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    Amazing work with the update guys! I love node bb. I am just going to vote for you in the awards.

    Keep up the great work and continue the development. hats off!

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    @pichalite Awesome and thank you! It's much better now.

  • NodeBB v1.1.0 Release

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    I am having the same issue with Heroku deployment when using SSL (managed by Heroku).

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    @gotwf You are absolutely right. I certainly agree with you a dedicated tool instead of built-in with NodeBB will be better.

    What I argue is that the platform software community like NodeBB comes up with customization or a collection of recommendation of existing tool-sets that will get the deployment security to the certain level. For example, common mistakes of new admins of NodeBB: if you've uses NodeBB default password for the admin password, or turned on Sandbox feature that's not meant for production.

    And thank you for your list of tools. That's very helpful.